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Monday, 16 January 2012

Where will Prince Fielder go?

There are many options for Prince Fielder, but where do you think he will go? From Radio, Podcasts, Blogs, etc... There are two main options: Texas or Washington. There are also fans in Seattle, Miami, and Milwaukee who believe that they are still in the running for Prince Fielder, and don't get me wrong they might be, but according to all the sources Texas and Washington are the two top options. What do I think? I think that people are still forgetting that Milwaukee is where Prince Fielder has played his whole MLB carrer. The Milwaukee Brewers went to the National League Divison Series in 2008 and just last year, 2011, they won the National League Central. The Milwaukee Brewers are a good team and have great characters and players such as Nyjer Morgan, Ryan Braun, Zack Greinke, Shaun Marcum, John Axford, etc... I'm not talking from experience, but it must be hard to leave the place where you have played your whole MLB carrer and where you have accomplished so much. So all of that makes me still think that Milwaukee is an option. Being a baseball player is a carrer, its your job, so money is a huge factor. Thats where Texas and Washington come in.

I'll first start of with Washington. Washington is probably offering a lot of money and they are going to be a good team and a big threat in the NL East this year. With newly acquired players, such as Gio Gonzalez, it is an attractive option for free agents such as Prince Fielder. If they were to get it, that division would be absolutely stacked. You have Philadelphia (I could probably leave it at that but I won't) who has Ryan Howard, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, and newly aqquired Jonathan Papelbon, you have the Miami Marlins who have made huge offseason signings acquiring Jo-Jo Reyes and Heath Bell, you have Atlanta who could very well still compete in this divison and you also have the New York Mets on top of that. The division is already an enormously competitive divison, and if Prince Fielder signs with the Washington Nationals, it will become that much more competitive.

How about Texas? Texas already looks like a team that could have another World Series run. What if they were to get Prince Fielder? Then you'd have players such as Mike Napoli or Nelson Cruz hitting at the bottom of your lineup? That's just crazy! The team is stacked right now and is also trying to sign Japanese pitching star, Yu Darvish, and now they are having meetings with Prince Fielder. Those two sigings would really help them get back to the World Series and if they got them both, Pujols and the Angels might be shaking in there boots.

In my opinon, there are three options: Texas, Washington, and Milwaukee. If someone asked me to pick the team I think he will go to, I'd pick Texas because that team is very good with an extremely legitimate shot at going to the World Series again. That being said, I think the race for signing Prince Fielder is still wide upon and I wouldn't count anyone out, including Seattle, because in all honesty, you never know.

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