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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The MLB All-Star game and its World Series incentive

The MLB All-Star game. A game where the best players from the AL division team up to face the best players from the NL division. The MLB All-Star game happens once a season and it's great because you get to see most of the elite players all playing together. That being said, there is one thing that bugs me about it. It's the rule that whatever divsion wins the MLB All-Star game (NL or AL), the winning team from that division will have home field advantage in the World Series. On a scale of 1-10, that makes 0 sense to me. I'm not saying the All-Star game is not competitive, but it's not like they are going all out. It's basically a small slap in the face to the regular season record for teams. You guys are probably thinking right now "Oh well it's not a big deal", well say that to Texas. Texas had a better regular season record than St. Louis but who got home field advantage because the NL won the All-Star game that year? St. Louis. Now I'm not saying that St. Louis wouldn't have won if they didn't get homefield advantage, all I'm saying is that it could've affected the outcome. The MLB should have a serious look into this rule and hopefully employ something like the NHL has, whoever has the better regualr season record gets home ice (home field) advatnage. The MLB All-Star game in my opinion is not as competitive as an all out regular season game. The AL and NL players go out, have some fun, hit some homers and then go back to regular season play the next week. This rule should absolutelty be changed to whoever has the better regular season record gets homefield advantage. It makes the regular season a little more competitive but most of all, it makes sense.

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