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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Fresh Prince... of Detroit?

According to reports, Prince Fielder has signed a 9-year deal worth $214 million dollars with the Detroit Tigers. What does this represent? It represents that anything can happen because most of the people I know and listen to, including me, was either saying Texas or Washington. In my previous blog post about Prince Fielder, I said that I'm leaning towards Texas as Prince Fielder's choice, but like I said in the end, you never know.

Why Detroit though? Well first off, Prince was looking for a long term deal which they offered. Aswell Detroit has a very attractive division and lineup that would flirt with anyone wanting to get to the World Series. You have Justin Verlander-2011 MVP, Miguel Cabrera, Austin Jackson, and a whole lot more outstanding players. The AL Central doesn't really have to much competition at the moment, I mean in my opinion the Detroit Tigers are the clear favorites to win the division especially with the addition of Prince Fielder. Also Miller Park is not to much different from Comerica park in run statistcs (with Comerica being #9 and Miller Park being #10 on MLB Parks Runs List). This shows that Prince is moving to a park were he can hit just as well as last year.

Before Prince Fielder was signed, Victor Martinez got injured. With a .303 batting average, Martinez is hard to replace, and to get someone better? Unthinkable. The Tigers managed to do that picking up Fielder for healthy load of money. There is no doubt that the Tigers look great this year and will be talked about with teams such as the Yankees, Angels, and Rangers for the AL title. He is a great addition to the team filling a void that almost looked irreplacable. We'll get to see this season unfold for Prince and see if he can become "The Fresh Prince of Detroit".

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